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Anonymous Case Study

Size: Local
Industry: Non-profit
Service provided by SLI: Website


A non-profit community organization in the St Louis area. The client prefers to remain anonymous. We at Saint Louis Integration respect the privacy of all of our clients.


The client required a web portal with scheduling capabilities, including a calendar of events with multiple member contributors. They also required the ability to receive donations of the site. Security was a top concern.

Why Saint Louis Integration?

Saint Louis Integration brought web portal and software development experience to the table, as well as specialists with security bona fides from firms like MasterCard, EdwardJones and CitiGroup.


Saint Louis Integration employed a Drupal content management system on the highly secure SLI Platform. A scheduling system was designed along with a calendar of events to manage attendance of the group’s many public functions. The entire organization’s event scheduling is done by members remotely via the website. Donations are conveniently processed directly through the web portal.


The client was able to launch a highly secure website with all of the required functions, as well as convenient content curation, all for a modest investment. As the organization grows they will be able to continue expanding the site to meet their changing needs. The events scheduling and donations modules will be able to serve the organization well for years to come. Even though the organization does not have technical expertise, they are able to take full advantage of the latest social networking tools.