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Size: Mid-Size Business
Industry: SaaS
Service provided by SLI: Website, SEO


DATASERV is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS ) provider focusing on data capture, imaging, workflow, electronic report management, storage and retention management.


Dataserv required a web portal to connect customers with their SaaS offerings as well as to promote their services to potential clients. An increase in traffic to the site was also needed.

Why Saint Louis Integration?

The SLI Platform provides all of the tools needed for a project like this, from web design to software development and systems integration. Our specialists’ experience with bigger firms like MasterCard, Citigroup, EdwardJones and Boeing gave the client confidence in our reliability and capabilities for the project. Even though Dataserv has a number of software and IT engineers on staff, they looked to SLI for expertise in building a professional looking and reliable website as efficiently as possible.


The SLI Platform provided a complete solution for the client by deploying a Drupal content management system, complete integration with their existing systems as well as hosting. The portal provides a seamless user experience for Dataserv’s existing users as well as potential new clients. Dataserv staff can easily update information on the portal, so dedicated IT support staff are not necessary to maintain the website. To increase site traffic Saint Louis Integration implemented a search engine optimization program.


The site has met or exceeded Dataserv’s expectations, and at a cost savings over attempting the project with in-house resources. The web portal has helped Dataserv serve a wide customer base, including industry leaders such as Reuters and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Dataserv and SLI have forged a long-term partnership.