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Delphi Forecasting


Size: Large
Industry: Academic
Service provided by SLI: Data Science, Web Infrastructure 


Delphi is a data-gathering tool to aid in the anonymous survey of expert judgments, obtained in a series of rounds, ultimately for forecasting purposes. This can have (but is not limited to) the following applications:

  • New product forecasts
  • Personnel selection
  • Estimating the effect of a change in a marketing program
  • Predicting outcomes in conflict situations

Delphi is designed only for use with questions that yield either rankings or quantitative estimates.

This site helps you to:

  • Select experts
  • Develop questions and scales
  • Obtain responses from the experts
  • Summarize a report after each round

It also allows access to relevant literature including, in some cases, full-text articles.


Dr. Armstrong et al. required a web portal maintenance and upgrade to pre-existing software that was out of date.

Why Saint Louis Integration?

St. Louis Integration has a love of data science, forecasting, and existing connections to the university.  We were able to provide reasonable upgrades on a minimal budget for the opportunity to pair with the University, Dr. Armstrong, and its partners.


The SLI Platform provided a complete solution for the client by deploying an upgraded system, complete integration with their existing systems as well as hosting. The Delphi staff can easily update information on the portal, so dedicated IT support staff are not necessary to maintain the website.  St. Louis integration still provides timely bug fixes and 24/7 support on the system since it is utilized worldwide.


The site has exceeded expectations, and at a cost savings over attempting the project with in-house resources. The web portal has helped serve a wide customer base.