• Data Asset and Infrastructure Assessment

Do you know what your company has available from a data products and valuation perspective?  We do a full report and assessment of the current assets, accessability, valuation to the company and your industry as a whole.  Let us run a 2-3 week workshop with your stakeholders to identify your data assets, their current readiness for for use in products, and the potential synergy you may not have unlocked yet.

We will help you come up with a clear path forward to unlock the full potential of your data assets. Lets identify secondary product potential and operatinal improvement!

  • Data Services Project and Program Management Services

Not every Project manager has the business, technical, and science background to truely run a data oriented project or product development effort.  We are experts in this area and have seen it all.  The experience ganed while doing work for Edward Jones, Mastercard, Boeing, Citigroup, NRG, Signant Health, and the CDC is key for making sure the success you want is what you get with a data effort.  Stop going to head shops for project managers that don't understand the specialized process that is data science, integration engineering products.  Hire experienced professionals to do it right.  Most data warehouse and data science product development efforts are doomed to fail before they even get started due to poor scoping and expectations.  Let us make yours a success.

  • Data Science Services

Statistical experts who have been here and have a solid process flow.  It isn't magic. We are hear to help. We are here to train. We are here to help you be a success.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence Systems

Cutting edge automated self improving systems.  When done well it is more than just algorithm development.

  • Custom Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Development

Special cases, for special clients